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Time to start work on the Model


Purchase the timber and cut it to size

Run the router around the top edge

  Then some work with the belt sander




Day one from John Loughman

Track bins -- searchlight -- .30 flex and base mount, all trimmed, clean and assembled

New turret top installed and antenna mounts and operators scope fitted as is the cupola lid

Undercoated and looking good -- 100 gallon rear fuel tank assembled

The rear turret IR cage ready to be  assembled note the jig , top of picture. There is a lot of work cleaning the resin overflow  bits off and sanding the pieces and lots of items are very very small

Old and new parts being prepared

Items removed from the rear of turret cable reel, water drum and fire extingushers

Front view of the turret with the new mantlet cover in place --note the wiring to the search light scopes in the cupola lid and repositioned operators hatch

Full view of turret and "B" Barrel

The 100 gallon fuel tank with tow rope hooks and handle in tank cover and also on phone box on left

The .30 cal flex with ammo liner and flex mount assembled

The rear turret IR cage with star picket reinforcements

A second shot showing the IR light storage compartment

The Crew Commander ammo rack and radio with a full set of .30 cal liners

The two .30 cal  machine gun storage clips behind the ammo box

The 100 gallon external fuel tank mounting plate

The fuel tank is installed as are the track bins, the new glacis plate, search light, "B"Barrel, Turret top, Ammo rack, IR light cage,  cut front and  rear guards

She is looking bloody good and its only been five days since I left it at John's place

Day six and the crew at

Kangaroo Flat Iron and Steel workers exceed production targets

Well John has anyway --- look at me now


Note the red lens in the IR light, nice touch, John made it up.

What a great looking job --- decals and a few dress up items and that will be it I would say.

Day Seven

Numbers on the 100 gallon tank

Jock Browning's barrel name for 169007

IR rear turret cage with stored items

Before decals fitted, note cut away guards and mud scrapers on LHS guard

Fresh water containers  and .30 cal liners carried on Transmission covers

Crew commander is having a paint job tonight

Tarp added and a couple of extra shells - note .30 cal liner on the 100 gallon fuel tank

Front serial number installed


The Call Sign fitted to the turret cage

 24 A ----- Sgt. Jock Browning

Note cut away guards on rear

The Crew Commander is painted and in place

Rear shot of the Cupola and Crew Commander

Nice shot of the B Barrel, .30 and .50 cal  machine guns and John's specially made mantlet cover

Overall view

Loose 20 pounder H.E. and Canister rounds carried on transmission covers

Nice paint job as well

Pickup time

One very pleased Tankie

It was my intention to display the tank above the picture of the 1st Armoured Regiment badge ---- maybe side on or 3/4 front on. But John Loughman has turned out such a great looking Centurion Mk5/1 (Aust) model that I am now going to purchase  (When I can find one) a powered slow revolving turntable, which will allow the model to revolve once every minute and will show the detail that has been put into this model by John. Again my thanks to Mouse House Enterprises for their generous donation which allowed the tank to look so realistic.