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Centurion at the Bovington Museum in U.K. This centurion was cut down the middle as an exercise by Army Apprentices.

Both sides are on display and they did an excellent job of it too. This pic shows the gunner in position with the crew commander "closed down". When running opened up the crew Commanders seat can be extended. The poor old gunner if he is not firing he more or less just sits there, but in action is quite busy as he fires the 20 pounder and also the .30and .50 via foot controls.

A point of interest, if the gunner has the correct range he could drop a 20 pounder projectile into a guys pocket. They were very accurate


Removing a Rotary Base Junction Box

This would be one of the most frightening jobs for a civilian owner to undertake! But Brad Baker took it on and did it well.

The unit sits under the main gun setup and is built into the turret floor. In short it allows the turret electric's to work while the turret turns, and its quite a complicated piece of equipment.

The RBJ mounted in the floor

The cover is off

Wiring disconnected

Connecting loom

Unit is removed

Another view

In all a big job, Brad had to replace his unit which was water damaged -- rather him than me!

Brad has now made a cover for the Centurion


Pretty nice setup. The bottom rails slide so as if the turret needs turning  to access the engine compartment, the whole cover can be slid back quite easily,  instead of moving the Tank. Great if the motor is out of action. Note the new mantlet cover and smoke dischargers covers that  looks great.