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Some more on the Abrams & Leopards


Abrams Track pads

Note the difference in the pads fitted to the Hercules ARV. I would imagine it gives extra traction.

Part of the Tank Hangers - The poor old Leopards are now stuck outside

Stalemate covered in mud from the range

I wonder if the ration pack is any better than "Bully Beef and Dog Biscuit's" of my days?

Leopard items in the Tank Museum

All these items will be fitted to the Abrams with a big cost saving -- The laser gun sights are also being converted, another very big saving

There are a lot of people that never manage a trip to the Tank Museum, so I will include a few shots from the museum, but if you can come down , do so as its a great display and these photos are only a tip of what is there!

This was the M13A1 brought from John Belfield's Museum - She took a mine hit in Vietnam, note the missing road wheel


An engine compartment on a M13A1

You could spend many hours in the Museum - I have been there about twenty times and never get sick of it, always something new and rearranged a credit to the Museum Staff.

Now back to the Abrams

Fully opened up for our inspection

These are neatly parked

Ian Laurie giving them a close inspection

I believe all the driving is done closed down--they are really taking all the fun out of it

The drivers hatch -- it slides sideways, the round pivot point on the left of the housing

Entering through the operators hatch - note the 360 degree scope - and the operators machine gun mount on the right

They said we could climb all over it and we did!

The road wheels do not appear to have much rubber on them but then they are running on rubber pads

Note how the tracks are driven by the final drive sprocket

That is a BIG bore


In all its a big gun, was told that when its laid on the target--- the target is history

The rear end, no you do not get cooked there but its quite warm when they fired her up, and I decided to stay about 15 -20 feet away. Sounded a lot different to the old Centurion and I am sure the old squeak and groan from the Cent tracks will be missing -- pity.

The left hand rear

The right hand rear

My thanks to the Museum and the 1st Armoured Regiment Association and all the people that assisted in making this day available. I know it was appreciated by everyone that attended.