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Another one located

Received an email tonight from Matt McMahon who attended the Auction at the Dubbo War Museum. Matt reports the Glacis Plate and rear fuel tank were there from 169000. As most of the items were from two Centurions that were converted to Drilling rigs, I feel its safe to say 169000 was one of the conversions as I can see no other reason to remove a glacis plate. Also, the two conversions I saw have no 100 gallon Aux. fuel tanks fitted.


I think these two are the same rig . They both have the same front idler wheels and with the drivers position being placed forward and raised, I feel the Glacis plate would be removed to have the gear change and steering levers continued up and forward. So I am thinking this one would be 169000.


Santa comes to all good Tankies---but I am not allowed to open it till Christmas Day

169016 being move from the old Vietnam Veterans Museum to the new one

Crossing the bridge at San Remo

The Police escort  at the rear --- the photos were very dark as it was daybreak

Arriving at the new Museum ---fencing had to be removed for access

Ramps down and she will soon be ready to roll off


The cops thought they would help and hooked on their tow rope

Not a lot of success

All set to come off -- pity the motor did not run!

Unhook the prime mover and use it as a tow vehicle

Ready to go--hope the cent does not catch up with the prime mover

Prime mover set to go,  the Army provided the Prime mover and low loader

And the slack is taken up I will get a few photos of her in a couple of days  in her new resting place


And here she sits under cover - strange when she has sat for at least four years with engine and transmission covers open to the salt air.

The Tarp will not do it any good at all she will only sweat, but then I do not believe she will ever run again anyway

Sitting outside beside the Centurion is this old Helo

The new museum where the Centurion will be housed

The sales room and cafeteria



My mate, Rusty Dyson donated this shell and I managed to find the projectile on Ebay.

The projectile was cut down the middle and made into an ashtray

Graeme Smith had them polished and it will be set up in a display at the museum as soon as I can finish the project

This is the other shell with a dummy Canister round in it

Its my hope to have a wooden base about 4ft long and 10" x 2" thick. Hopefully W.A Jarrah. The two rounds will be at each end and in the middle, between them, I would like 5 projectiles. As projectiles are as common as quad headed snakes they will take a while to acquire. I am considering having them made from wood and painted, so if you are keen and have a lathe, please feel free to help out. I can supply photos and measurements!


        A cutaway canister round                     Another view of the load of the canister round, this one is cut in half lengthwise

A very nice model of a M113A1 at the museum

This header tank was donated by Brad Baker and brought down from Queensland to Tongala where I picked it up and then drove it down to the Museum at Phillip Island. Again I do not expect it will ever be used but maybe setup inside in the display

Two old damaged road wheels donated by Stuart Buchanan. Just for display so people can see the damage that can be inflicted on the road wheels and they can feel the weight and hopefully imagine some of the work required to change them.

The gunship inside -- looking very impressive

The gunship motor setup

Note the angle grinder cut -- There are a few of these to make sure it will never fly again

The gun sight on the front -- it can turn left or right -- I imagine the sight inside can turn up and down as well

The sights and canon move together


On the way back from Bandiana last month I stopped in at the Wodonga Disposal Store to have a look at some of the rubber compound weapons on display here are a couple of shots of some of them



On the way back I drove past the Winton Racetrack and noticed a very large shed

What did take my notice was a Saracen parked beside it. I went back and met the owner who turned out to be Tim Virbert. Tim has his Bridge layer and Dozer tank and the ARV inside with I would imagine many other items of interest

There were in fact three Saracens there and Tim said they came from the stock in Hong Kong


Well that's it till the New Year

I wonder what that will bring

A Merry and Happy Christmas to everyone - where ever you may be